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! Rock !

Rock and Roll (also writting Rock n'Roll) is a gender musical what emerge and if define like style musical in sul EUA during a years 50, fast if spreading by the rest of world. Evolved more later for sundry sub-genders what nowaday is defined simple like "rock".

Actually, the word "rock and roll" have sundry meanings, for define the rock traditional to the estile of years 50, or for define the rock emerged later, and until same sure slops from the pop music. Since last years 50 and until actual, the rock is style music more popular of world.

->Styles of Rock:

Years 50: Rebellious good look

The rock n'roll born of misture the 3 genders musics distinct of music american: blues, country and jazz.

Years 60: Drogs, genius and attitude

Movement more popular and proliferate of rock, brought ideas who have look the rock born and who haven't obtain sucess in decade after. The movement anti-war and the drogs, combined, origined thought this decade.

Years 70: Rebellious and heeled shoes

In the last years 60 had one return in rock more direct and primitive, like one answer that what don't like of psicodelic, as result the psicodelic disappeared, leaving only your "son": the progressive rock.

Years 80: Weight, attitude and comercialization

*New wave: Is one intermedite betwen pop and punk. Recive also influences of disc music and the ritms jamaicans: reggae and ska.

*Garage Rock Revival: So like years 60, the style also are garage and underground, the only difference is use of guitar fuzz.

*Thrash metal: The thrash metal is a music style characteristic for ritm accentuate more quickly from the heavy metal.

*Heavy metal melodic: the metal melodic is version with corus the heavy metal traditional created in years 80 for one band germany called HELLOWEEN and made criticims about government presents or medievals.

*Post-punk: more intelectaul and intimist what pop rock, the post-pnk characteristic for letters existenced and pessimism.

*Gothic rock: In music, called gothic, dancing rock, of predominance the tons little. Letters frequently about episods sad and depressed.

*Alternative rock: Alternative rock or Indie Rock is movement what search sonoridades different in rock.

*Hardcore: Punk very noisy and political oriented (called "anarc-punk").

*Brazilian Rock: Artists and band like Renato Russo, Cazuza and Raul Seixas what explored in Brazil with your Rock and your ideas.

Years 90: The rock back

*Grunge: Movement what brought sundrys bands without style define.

~* Breve histórico do rock, que contiua no próximo post. Mas aqui já podemos ter idéia da importância e influência do rock em diversos estilos musicais e que muitas bandas que deram origem ao rock até hoje fazem sucesso. *~

->What this importance of rock in the music?

Be continued...


Pop Rock*

Pop rock is varied estile musical known as rock, in estile popular, with attitude more calm, close common estile of music pop. The industry idols of song popular american already exist, but embrace rock with especial paisson.

Compositors like Leiber & Stoller and producers like Phil Spector out emerge phenomenons like Beatles. After already exist stars pop like Mills Brothers and Paul Anka and stars of rock like Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly, then beginning a wave pop rock, first with Elvis, and one little before the Beatles, what have one estile more alternative and progressive what Elvis.


- First stage: Original (years 60):
>Elvis Presley

-Second stage: Progressive (years 70):

>James Taylor;
>Elton John;


-Third stage: Ballad (years 80):

>Primal Scream;

-Quarter stage: Independent (years 90):

-Fifth stage: Contemporary (years 2000):
>Avril Lavigne;
>Kelly Clarkson;

"Essa é uma pequena história sobre o mundo pop rock, estilo muito comum entre os jovens. Há quem goste das bandas que fizeram do rock um clássico e há quem prefira artistas considerados novos como: Green Day, Coldplay e outros."

* In your opinion...What is the best star ou band? Why?


terça-feira, 27 de novembro de 2007

**PsY tRaNcE**

Psy trance is one form of music eletronic desenvolved in the end decade 80 in Israel a partir do Goa Trance. This estile have knock quick, between 135 and 165 bpm (quicks for minuts), over there knock strond of kick, in compass 4x4, what some times differ the knock of techno because reach of frequency one more high over there songs weightys.

Is this one more popular estile of music eletronic in the last years, and come to be touch since especifics raves from this estile until clubs more comercials.

Divide in the present in three strongs currents: Full On, Progressive and Dark.
- Estilo pouco conhecido mas com um som muito bom! Presente em raves, que são realizadas em lugares distantes.
~What your opinion about this song?

aBoUt SaMbA

The Samba School Parade at Rio´s Sambodrome is something everybody has to experience at least once in life. The event is broadcast live to several countries, and all Brazilian states. Watching on TV is cool, but not half as much fun as being there. You have to mingle with the crowd, sweat, maybe even march with a samba school.
Unlike Street Carnival
the Samba Parade is not free. Tickets are actually quite expensive, but more than worth the investment. Fourteen special group schools march on Carnival Sunday and Monday, seven each night. The parade starts at 9 p.m. and goes on until sunlight the next day, around 6-7 a.m. This samba marathon is more than a show - it's also a fierce competition. Each year a school is downgraded from special to access group, and vice-versa.
"O samba é o som que está presente em nossa cultura, deu origem ao pagode, e pode ser apreciado especialmente durante o carnaval. Os melhores sambistas são em sua grande maioria fundadores desse estilo musical"
-> Who is the best musician brazilian?


Pagode is one subgender musical brazilian born in the end decade 70, is consider one derive gender, this samba.
Pagode designate partys, reunios from to share friendships, music, food and drink.
The first singers to prominence are: Almir Guineto, Zeca Pagodinho, Caprí, Deni de Lima, the group Fundo de Quintal, Jovelina Pérola Negra, Jorge Aragão, Mauro Diniz and Nei Lopes.
In the present this song is very popular, much groups stand out: Exaltasamba, Pixote, Jeito Moleque, Fundo de Quintal and Turma do Pagode, because yours musics are very animation and contagious. Everybody dancing with this song.

**Como Nunca Amei Ninguém - Exaltasamba**

Nunca pensei que você me deixaria desse jeito
Sem dormir direito
Imaginei que fosse um passatempo qualquer
Uma aventura de amor
Mas meu coração me enganou

E agora meu mundo é seu mundo
Seu corpo em meu corpo é um só
É um sentimento maior


Te amo como nunca amei ninguém
Te quero como nunca quis um dia alguém
Você mudou a minha história (2x)

Todo dia a todo o momento
Está presente em meu pensamento
Perco a noção do tempo só por causa de você


Nunca pensei que você me deixaria desse jeito
Sem dormir direito
Imaginei que fosse um passatempo qualquer
Uma aventura de amor,
Mas meu coração me enganou

E agora meu mundo é seu mundo
Seu corpo em meu corpo é um só
É um sentimento maior


¨ Som bastante conhecido por todos e presente em churrascos, festas e diversas confraternizações. Sub-gênero do samba, com muitos adeptos, possui artistas desde Zeca Pagodinho até Jeito Moleque¨

-> Do you like this song? Why?